Our Smart Supermarket

Kinly comes from Kin, which means descendant, and Ly, which means family and with family and friends comes celebration, happiness, which we'll be a part of by giving awesome shopping experiences.

Greetings from the other side! You have found yourself on the correct webpage on the internet directory to discuss what Kinly Cart is about. Briefly or formally, the technical language would describe us as an innovative and smart supermarket which connects local retailers to the customers like you.

But we do think that we must be more elaborative. (Ofcourse, that is a suggestion for the ones who want to do justice to the page)

Who are we?

This is absolutely the right section where we have our podium to brag about us, since we are good at what we do.

Kinly Cart is an idea from a brain-ly nation like India brought up in the Canadian region to diversify the reach of local community products like local ethnic wear, eatables and fulfil your heart's desire to own them.

In a less fancy way, we are a smart supermarket with a network of local sellers and retailers who deliver the best of your needs to your doorsteps. It's about celebrations in life ( shopping becomes a major part during these times ), keeping the connections, values, culture within the family and connecting to roots based on ethnicity thus preserving cultures among future generations who migrated to foreign land. Each seller has a certification of trust and accounts for quality-backed products at a fair and transparent price.

We work to enhance your online shopping experiences by letting you feel grounded with the cultural beliefs (whether it be Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Cambodian or anyother) in the foreign land. And we dedicate our services towards you with the family of our local merchants to make your marriage functions, celebrations and festival gatherings memorable through hassle-free delivery of local delicacies.

Why Us?

A single answer to this question remains elusive despite numerous reasons. At Kinly Cart, we are striving to be rewarded with your praises, such as, Bless us with what you have to offer. Or is that too much? Let's get a little serious (because we are a fun-loving group of individuals).

Besides delivering you goods and holding ethical beliefs, our guilty pleasure is finding you under the pile of quality local products, the ones that can add a statement to your look and make you fat at the same time. I am talking about sweets, of course. By the way, you should not leave without looking for Gulab Jamun (a sweet delicacy from India) on our smart supermarket!

How Do We Operate?

We designed the easiest route to link local merchants to shoppers through an effective website. As soon as you land on our online supermarket shopping page, you get hundreds and thousands of products to select from. To filter out, add preferences, pricing and location. The desired products can then be added to your cart and directed to your doorstep by filling in communication details and address and completing the payment.

In the case of Merchants, head to the page here and apply for registration. Our official will reach you for completing all the formalities and help you list over the biggest transparent platform. We wish you luck with the same!

The Story Behind Kinly Cart.

Kinly Cart is a smart supermarket that came to light as a trigger to one of our personal experiences. The occasion was my son's first birthday, regarded as a special day in India when the entire family gathers to love and bless the newborn. But, somehow, my work schedule prevented me from throwing a grand party in my home state, so instead, I called all of my family and friends in Canada. I still remember my parents first adjusting their food needs and climate here. Although they loved to be around us, they felt left out when the celebration arrived. According to them, it was supposed to have prayers, lots and lots of traditional Indian food, ethnic preparation and clothing. However, their lack of information regarding the region served them trouble in even finding the perfect gift for their grandson, and the event ended to be just regular.

But as the Hindi proverb says, whatever happens, happens for good; we found a legitimate solution to addressing this problem and saving hundreds and thousands of Indian families from facing these occurrences. Ofcourse, there are numerous communities belonging to nations like China, Pakistan, Philippines, Cambodia, South Africa, etc. who live in foreign land. So to connect them culturally and empower their businesses, we started the venture.

Kinly Cart is thus an idea cum network, formulated for the interconnection of various communities to their customs and beliefs on even foreign land. Further it is meant to pass on the values to the coming generation so they can admire and nurture their Fathers’ and Grandfathers’ dreams.

The Right Guide To Using Our Smart Supermarket, Kinly Cart.

Follow the steps to place your order on Kinly Cart.
  • Select from the available cities.
  • Visit the shop page and select from the items available. You can use a filter or search option to ease your search.
  • Visit the shop page and select from the items available. You can use a filter or search option to ease your search.
  • Complete the payment.
And Voila, you brought your first thing out!
  • Reach us by email.
  • One of our executives will get in touch with you and help you with listings of various items from your shop.
  • Complete the formalities with one-time joining fees.
  • And start getting orders!
Don't worry about delivery, as all you have to do is pack the order. We will take care of the rest.

Where do we deliver?

Currently, we deliver in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, California, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, London, and Manchester. But our smart supermarket is on a way to expanding to other locations. So, don't worry! We will soon be in your area as well!

What's Next?

Our Smart Supermarket is on its way to connecting hundreds and thousands of local merchants over foreign land to deliver the best native items to your doorsteps. Additionally, we dedicate our online supermarket shopping store to maintaining and prospering the local sellers while keeping a fair marketplace for all and equating the grounds of your culture and traditions.

Founder's Words.

"I want to mitigate the differences and bind the world in the simplest form to allow families like mine to carry and follow their traditions and live their events to the fullest. It is my vision to see the local community products expand globally and design a platform that is accessible and transparent to shoppers.”